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“No object is mysterious, the mystery is your eye” – Elizabeth Bowen

Pic credit: Naresh Saginala

You can find yogi’s any where in India, some new bee’s, some in the process, some who might have attained higher consciousness and some just pretending to be one. Looking at this one I wondered – is he a genuine one or a fake!!!  Is he meditating, contemplating or he is just tired and relaxing? What made him give up worldly pleasures and adorn saffron robes and roam the streets without shoes on his feet, a roof on his head? What could his life have been before he decided to take this path? Is he repenting his decision or is he in bliss already? Was it his true calling or just an influence?

I would never know ….!!!

DP Photo Challenge: Peek

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6 thoughts on “Peek

  1. Love the quote and the art. Really aweome. I am not lying. I am founder of ExbloggingA blog that helps you grow your blog and tells you how to make money online. and your art really inspired me!


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  2. Interesting topic and observation.

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  3. I’m not so sure that he would stand up to a detective’s investigation. He has a neatly trimmed beard, for example. and he may not have been walking barefoot for too long.

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