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Revival project

Acrylic on 12 X 12 canvas board

Acrylic on 12 X 12 canvas board

Painting walls killed the painter in me…..!!!

I recently moved back to my house which I had rented out. The house was such a mess that I decided to repaint it only to realize that painting walls is not as much fun as painting canvas boards. After a few exhaustive weeks when I tried to paint something on canvas I was shocked I wasn’t getting any ideas. My mind was as blank as the walls I had painted and finally this is what I ended up doing.


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15 thoughts on “Revival project

  1. What a gorgeous painting. It was worth persevering

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  2. It’s beautiful!

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  3. that’s fun and happy, and i am glad you got past the artist’s block!

    thanks for the ‘follow.’ with slow internet i am often unable to open pages, but yours opened well, and i was able to scan the posts in the queue… all great – i loved the one just before this one as well, but for now i had better try to send this and hope that it leaps from my computer to yours – with as much grace as twinkle toes on the post before!

    …nope.. this is third or fourth try… thank goodness for the back button!


    • Thank you for the comment and your patience 🙂

      I face the same problem when I browse WP using my tablet, I keep banging the “like” button but … nothing :-|, then I just go and follow the blog and hope it appears on my reader which is more user friendly.
      Hope to see you soon 🙂


  4. Maybe using the wall as canvas?


  5. Really nice pictures! Well done:)


  6. You do beautiful work.


  7. Patience is something that I need to work on…lol 🙂 Thank you! Happy Painting!


  8. I have just recently gotten into painting and I have found that I really like flowers. I do not feel that I am all that good though…lol Practice will make it better. This is lovely! I love flowers^^


    • I am glad you liked it. One thing I would like to share is, painting flowers really requires patience, atleast for me it does :-), and yes practice does make it better. Happy painting 🙂


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