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The Kiss of Corona

“The first kiss can be as terrifying as the last.” ― Daina Chaviano

So last month I met this naughty guy, Corona and without my permission he just kissed me and from there the two week romance started. Sleepless nights, loss of appetite, weakness in the body. Oh boy, I was head over heels in loathe with him. One moment of negligence and I lost 9lbs and my sanity. I realized what a fool I have been and didn’t let this love get to my lungs. So lucky me, here I am writing yet another post.

Thank God, family and friends who helped me get out of this mess!!!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!!!

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12 thoughts on “The Kiss of Corona

  1. Really you are so lucky ! stay healthy stay fit

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  2. It is a relief to know you are recovering from it! So many bad news about it is nice to hear about recoverings : )


  3. Interesting writing

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  4. loadedreview on said:

    Nice article… Thanks for sharing

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  5. I wondered how you were, take care, rest and draw ❤️

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  6. oh noooooooo! I hate to hear you’ve been suffering and hope it is now gone. You poor thing. Stay safe from now on. Sending love from England xxxx

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  7. Don’t worry. As my mother used to say to me. “You’re not the first and you will certainly not be the last.”

    Seriously though, be aware that having covid does not seem to give you immunity to it. Furthermore, even if you think you are immune, it won’t last as different variants of the disease are created.

    I’m waiting for the variant where people die and after ten minutes they come back to life and then chase you round the room trying to eat you. We won’t get over that one!

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    • Hahaha… that is a variant I don’t want to see but now nothing can surprise me 🤣
      With 17 more variants to go there could be a zombie variant somewhere for sure.
      Definitely I am going to more careful this time around. The antibodies stay for 3 months only after you get well. Even vaccines aren’t working. My parents got vaccinations but still they caught the virus from me, though it was milder for them.


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