tapping the creative 'right' side of my brain


“..If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” – Napolean Hill

Drawing in sketchbooks has never been my thing, when I start drawing or coloring, things just get out of proportion. But these days with my busy office schedule I don’t get the conviction enough to finish huge projects hence trying to teach myself to draw small. A drawing book which I can probably carry with myself as well. Wouldn’t that be nice !!!

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4 thoughts on “Durga

  1. I like your little drawing. A dancing goddess! Drawing for me, is the mother of all my art. When I get away from it for too long, I begin to lose the freshness in my work. Drawing teaches us how to see.

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  2. I don’t know if “Durga” means anything, but she is the little girl in “Pather Panchali” which I watched recently. I bought all three films but it is really difficult to find time to sit down for 90 minutes uninterrupted!
    If you ever wanted to get these films, they are very expensive except for a gentleman in South Korea on ebay. The whole trilogy for $22!

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    • How amazing you saw those movies. I saw Pather Panchali when I was a kid don’t remember much about the movie now. I will see if I can also get a copy, thank you for the information.
      And as for Durga -she is a principal form of Hindu warrior goddess, whose stories revolve around fighting the evil to keep the peace. You would find many girls in India named after the gods and goddess 🙂


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