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Colors of life

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” ~Stephen King

Oil Pastels A4 sheet

Oil Pastels A4 sheet

Trying to get out of that slump all over again, so until I buy my easel I plan to play with these messy oil pastels.

Prints available for sale on :

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21 thoughts on “Colors of life

  1. I love your colors and happy thoughts. The scariest moment is when you decided your and your work are of value.

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  2. Great quote! And indeed, it is a very scary moment!

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    Reblogging this as part of my “ART Reblog Day”

    Prasna’s shared oil pastels …

    In your own words – “Here’s an abstract piece I made recently, while I was going through an artless phase. I had used all the colors in the palette which reminds me of all the colors of life, which makes life purposeful.”

    Thanks for sharing Prasna 🙂

    (Likes and comments are closed on, please do these on the original author’s blog)

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  5. I view this as a silkscreen design for throw-pillows. Thanks!

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  6. Go for it, as they say!


  7. Matthew James on said:

    On of my greatest joys about a great work of art is that I can’t comment on it immediately. I may leave a quick “Like” and go about my day. It is when the work of art remains with me throughout the day, causing me to not only contemplate the work of art but the meaning that I find within it.

    Only then can I come back and comment.

    This is what your work of art did for me today. Thank you.

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  8. Hello and I’m so glad you’re back here. I was wondering where you’d disappeared to. I hope you are well.

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