tapping the creative 'right' side of my brain

Einstein said and I thought …


How true is that?  I bet very true…  coming from the genius himself.

Reading this quote got me into thinking a lot about life and the people around me.

We always try to change the theory, justifying ourselves by saying, “this is reality” or “this is not possible in the real world” or “what you are talking about is an ideal situation”.

Why don’t we accept the fact that ideal situation/solution is the best possible way that is out there and everything else is mere acceptance followed by excuses?

I have always tried to follow my dreams no matter what; it hasn’t been easy but definitely interesting, adventurous and satisfying.

This brings me to another thought  -> taking responsibility.

As long as we take responsibility for things we do and stop blaming others, the society and our environment ….. the more we aim for creating the ideal world around us and work towards changing the facts rather than the theory.

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4 thoughts on “Einstein said and I thought …

  1. Always the challenge for me, when I am in the zone doing my art there is no equal, of course the results are not always to my satisfaction, but when I am pleased with the results, there are few equals.
    As for facts… they usually require something called truth to be called so. Changing facts seems amusing to me, then one may have have walked into a political food fight.
    Expression as you are doing is important to oneself…sadly it may not pay the bills.


  2. burgessellis on said:

    Thanks for following my blog. Tapping the creative right side of the brain to put thought onto canvas can both exhilarating and despairing. Never the less, it remains a challenge, one that with each adventure guides us down a path not recognised until that point in time.


    • Putting thoughts on canvas is more exhilarating to me than despairing, everytime I make a mistake I am pushed hard to find new ways of of making it better and the end product has always made me feel nice and happy 🙂


  3. burgessellis on said:

    Yes, I hear you. Theory is great, changing fact to fit theory is hard. It is a part of life which has been long neglected. Fact has become an excuse not a reason. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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